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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. After I place my order, how long will it take to receive it?
    You should receive your order within 12 days. If there is a reason that your order will be delayed, we will contact you directly.

  2. Can any MSC associate place an order?
    Yes, all MSC associates have access to place orders on the site.  Payment can be made either by credit card or billed to your cost center.  Rules for use of your departments cost center will apply. Please make sure that you have management approval. 

  3. Can this site be used to place personal orders?
    Yes, items can be purchased for personal use using a credit card as payment.  Personal orders should not be placed using corporate cards or department cost centers.

  4. Who can I call if I have a question about my order or the products on the site?
    All questions and inquiries should go to:
    Dan Torre
    Ace Marketing & Promotions
    (631) 698-1658 x205

  5. Can I get bulk pricing if I order more than the minimum?
    All prices listed in the store are based on the minimum order quantity.  Better pricing will automatically be applied as your order quantities increase.  To inquire about bulk pricing or to submit competitive pricing for consideration on large orders, please contact Dan Torre at Ace Marketing & Promotions.

  6. How will my order be shipped?
    All orders will ship via UPS by default.  A different carrier may be used if necessary to get your order to your by a specified date.  If you would like to provide your own UPS/FedEx account number, please email Dan Torre with the account information and it will be applied.

  7. How will I be billed for my purchase using my cost center?Upon checkout you will provide a billing and shipping address.  The invoice will be sent to your billing address and must be submitted for payment using the same process as all other payables in your department.  For any questions on how to submit an invoice for payment, please contact

  8. What is the process/policy for returns?
    All requests for returns should be emailed to Dan Torre at  Each return will be assessed individually.

  9. Who can I contact at MSC about adding new items to the store?
    All items added to the store must be approved by Marketing.  To inquire about an item addition, please contact Ian Doyle at

  10. I need a customized imprint on an existing item in the store?
    All special order requests should go directly to:
    Dan Torre
    Ace Marketing & Promotions
    (631) 698-1658 x205
    *Keep in mind that all imprints must be in line with company brand and approved by the Marketing Department.

  11. What if I want to use a local or other vendor to complete my purchase?
    All orders for MSC branded merchandise/apparel is required to go through our approved vendors.  If your need is not met by the selection in the store, please contact Dan Torre at Ace Marketing at or (631) 698-1658 x205 to discuss additional sourcing options.

  12. Something is wrong with the website and I can’t place my order. Who should I call? 
    To report an issue with the website, please contact Dan Torre at and copy Ian Doyle at